Engagement Photos with Erin and Brad

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of friends from church, Erin and Brad, who are newly engaged. Here is a preview of their pictures from the day...I hope you enjoy them and feel free to let me know what you think.
At the beach

Notice the ladybug...that's good luck!

In the gardens

I think we got some beautiful shots and we had a blast in the process. You can really see the love the two of them have to share. I had such a great time photographing you guys! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.


Angel Lyz said...

Jessica these are beautiful!! Your subjects did great and you are talented!!!

Jessica said...

Great job! Gorgeous photos!

Melin said...

Wow Jessica these are just beautiful, I loved the one with the crape mytle trees and the ring in the feather, it almost seems to be reflecting on the white feather background. I am sure your friends will love them, I sure do! Such talent!

Cola said...

Great job, Jess!!!!

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