Italy: Where to stay?

After some (hours worth of) extensive research into boutique hotels in Italy (because we're looking for the true Italian experience rather than a chain...with AC of course) , I think we have landed on where we will be staying in each of the cities along our Italian travels this summer.

Our first stop is Rome, where we'll be staying at the Hotel Giulio Cesare.
It's near the Vatican and the Herndon's actually stayed there last summer, so it comes highly recommended. We've also scheduled a Vatican tour...can't visit Rome and not see the home of the Pope.
After a couple days in Rome, we're headed for Florence.
While in Florence we'll be staying at Hotel Brunelleschi, which is said to be a hidden treasure in the heart of Florence and we're all about a good, central location. The hotel has already been very helpful by email as I've also been researching day trips out to the Tuscan countryside.
Our next stop in Venice, where we'll be staying at Hotel Santa Marina, which is in close walking distance to Piazza San Marco.
Then to round out the trip, we're headed to the Almafi Coast for a couple days of sun and relaxation. We'll be staying at Hotel Margherita in a room with a view!
The trip is well on its way to being planned and I cannot wait for those vacation days to get here.


Celeste Ainsworth said...

So fun!!! Word of warning...the buildings aren't actually facing the way they look on the map (this created lots of confusion last spring)! Also, I'm pretty sure that I have a photo of your hotel from when we went to Florescence for a day:) And finally, room with a view = AWESOME!!!!!

Angel Lyz said...

How very exciting for you!!! Italy is one of my "goals" at some point. I would love to take Brooklyn through such history.

I'm stoked that you get to experience this! Yay for you two!

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