Winter Retreat

Last weekend we took both the high school and middle school ministries on a joint winter retreat. We left the church Friday afternoon, headed for Waynesboro, Virginia.We got up to the hotel/conference center later that night to check in and have session complete with games, praise and worsip and our retreat speakers series introduction about renewing the mind.
our speaker, Scott Wilcher
The band and Adam
(also the new official permanent high school pastor)
Session games
Cold hot dogs
Coke and flames
Bananas through a stocking cap
Me with some of the girls...Alicia and her girls for the weekend
Leader girls...Ashley, me, Rachel, Lynn, Kelly...and Alicia
Hanging out between sessions
A February birthday celebration
Meals...pasta from pizza hut and subs from quiznos
Then Saturday night we were off to Wintergreen for night skiing, snowboarding and tubing.
Hanging out before time for tubing.
The tubing slopes
Our group gathered at the end of the tubing slopes for a photo moment.
It was pretty funny when our entire group of tubing started gliding down the hill.
Lindsey and I actually glided into what I liked calling a Chasm.
It was hilarious!
I was able to find Adam snowboarding down the slopes beside the tubing area.
He's the taller one in the spot light...he really is!
Overall, it was a great weekend! We didn't have to take anyone to the emergency room, which is great since students sometimes get hurt on the slopes if it's their first time out there. The speaker got the students thinking about areas they needed renewed thinking and there was tons of great fellowship! Can't wait for next year's!

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