Catching up to do!!!

Well, once again I have gotten behind in my blogging. Not to fear though...I have plans to get caught up now that I have much more free time on my hands!!


1. My cousin Kathleen's (SUPER) Sweet 16 in New York...(separate post coming soon).

2.Visiting Thais in Chicago- I got to see their new place and enjoy amazing brunch and much much more...(separate post coming soon).

3. The One Act Play Festival...which by the way we got SUPERIOR SUPERIOR SUPERIOR with rave reviews!!! People who have seen our previous shows said it was our best one yet. I was SO proud of our students! They rocked out their characters and the comedy...(separate post coming soon).

4. Finishing my National Boarding Teaching Certification Portfolio...that's right folks it's in the mail! All that's left is an exam in April and then I wait to hear in November whether I will be Nationally Board Certified. It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed the process and the reflective nature of all the portfolio entries.

5. Shelby's Bachlorette weekend...we showered her with love (at her bridal shower) and we had a fun filled girls night out with all her favorite ladies...(separate post coming soon). Can't wait for the wedding!

Life's been a bit of a whirlwind this month and April has lots of fun in store...keep an eye out for many of these updates coming soon!

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