A visit to the windy city

I headed out to the windy city to spend the weekend with Thais while Adam and Nima were in Chicago for a youth pastor's conference.

The weekend started out with a fun behind the scenes viewing of the filming of Thais's new brainchild, DPR Friday. Check it out at their magazine's site...she's famous within the dental industry on the web now! What a natural!!!
That night we met up with the guys for dinner followed by donuts at a local spot...this was kind of an inside joke because Adam and Nima are somewhat obsessed with donuts, so when I asked what they were in the mood for that night for dinner...Adam answered "DONUTS". We wound up getting some great Mexican food, but we surprised the guys with GREAT donuts as well.
Check out that excitement!
Three of us ready to enjoy a donut...That's right...Thais is EXPECTING!
The donuts were the size of a plate...Now that's some donut!
The guys got theirs complete with all the toppings. Delicious times!
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying brunch (my one request-good brunch at Nana's and Orange), touring the Carter's newest home, hanging out, catching up and shopping around town. (Thais got some cute new maternity wear for her trip to London and I found the perfect dress for Shelby's rehearsal dinner in Texas to wear with my red cowboy boots).

Their new place is SO cute with that always present Carter flare!
The living room
Their newest home
My roomie and I (in our coordinating hats...a steal of a deal) before heading out for a day in the windy city. Every visit is a new adventure and this visit was no different...I love your newest place and I can't wait for our next rendez-vous in the windy city because that probably will mean Baby Carter has arrived! Thanks for having me and I can't wait for the next time. XOXO

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