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Back in September, I had the honor and pleasure of photographing Emma and Nima's wedding. It was such a great wedding photography experience and at the same time so special to see two of our close friends enter into a covenant relationship that day! Now here is the personal blog post from the friend's perspective that day...but I get to include the REAL photos since I also got to play the part of professional photog!

I began the morning with Emma at the hair salon.
From there we headed back to her apartment where her Bridesmaid had breakfast made for her...eggs, biscuits and delicious fresh fruit.
After a quick bite it was time for Emma's sister to start on her makeup.
Followed by accessories and THE DRESS!
One of my favorite shots from the day (below).
The garter, which I got her for her shower...tea dyed and all to work with her dress.
Once everyone was ready, we jumped in my car and headed to Portsmouth for the big reveal!

We orchestrated the First look in Portsmouth, VA...even though it was a rainy day, we didn't let that get the best of us and even still held the first look outside as originally planned. We just added a pop of color with umbrellas.

Nima awaiting his bride...
Emma approaching...
Lovers unite
They were glowing with happiness!
These are some of my favorite shots of the two of them from the day as well.
The bridal party...who watched the big moment from inside.
The Bride's mom actually arranged the flowers too.
We went to a couple picture perfect spots around downtown Portsmouth before heading to the church for the vows.

Last stop in P-town...Emma's favorite coffee shop. Their first "friending dates" had been over coffee, so it seemed appropriate to stop in for a cup of Joe in their wedding day best to pay tribute to the very start of their relationship.
Me...doing my photography thing...sadly I didn't get a good shot of Emma and I that day after being out in the rain and stuff...but I enjoyed being part of the day in such a special way that I don't need a photo to remember. I have a whole day's worth of all the special moments.

Then it was off to church to get the party started!
We arrived at the Life Center and everything had come together beautifully from the food to the decor.
Our lovely friends, the Whitlinger clan, that made the food a huge success!
Decorations...engagement pictures and candles provided the ambiance.
They had a tart instead of wedding cake to add a personal touch.
Ceremony time...our friend Barry played the part of the officiant.
Followed by the reception, which began with the couple's first dance.
Followed by LOTS of dancing! A good time was had by all.
To wrap up the evening before their big departure, they cut the tart and dessert was served.
Leaving for the honeymoon
Congrats again!
May God bless your marriage and may you have a lifetime of happiness together.
What a beautiful day and a beautiful couple.

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