Retro Post: Haley and Justin's Rehearsal Night

After many fun pre-wedding festivities this summer, Haley and Justin's big weekend had finally arrived. Adam and I headed to Richmond for the weekend celebration.

Here are some highlights from the rehearsal evening.
We all reunited at the venue for the run through. It was so good to see everyone since we're all spread out...Shelb in Tennessee, Linds in Atlanta and Hale, Court and I still in Virginia.
Hey Baby Sterne...How are you liking your first wedding?
All lined up and ready to run through.
Aren't they a cute couple!! Just wait for how beautiful they looked on the wedding day!
Evie enjoyed her first wedding festivities too!
The bridesmaids and our bride...a colorful bunch.
I love these pictures...the light was so lovely.
Evie was being shy for the camera.
Evie, meet Baby Sterne...a future friend...
you could someday even be college roommates like your moms!
Rehearsal dinner
The food was delicious...It was all delicious German foods...
we even had yummy pretzel bites as an appetizer.
A good time was had by all.
We enjoyed catching up with everyone over dinner and celebrating Haley and Justin's nuptials.
Just wait to see the Big Day!

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 Shelby said...

Ahh! I started crying when I saw the picture of the 5 of us...will you email me that pic full res so I can print it and frame it?

And my mouth then started watering when I looked at the PRETZEL BITES!!! SO YUMMMMM!!!!!

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