Retro post: Chicago to meet the Carter boys!

Thais and Heath welcomed Baby Sam into the world this summer and I was lucky enough to head out to Chicago for a long weekend in September to meet the Carter boys...that's right two boys because I had yet to meet the other new young man in their lives, Isaiah. It was such a fun weekend catching up with Thais, helping with Sam and playing with I-Hi. I came with one goal alone, to sightsee the Carter family. I had no need to get out and see the sites of Chicago this visit...though we did get out for a few delicious meals and a nice walk through their neighborhood. I even got to take Isaiah to school with Thais and see all the angles of their life. I can't wait for our next visit!
Sam and his proud parents!
Aunt Jess and Sam
Hanging out with Isaiah...the highlight of our time together was singing Beat It and watching him dance up a storm. He's got some moves!

...and a quick photoshoot with Sam.
He is a handsome guy just like his shirt said and has a handsome brother as well...the perfect additions in the Carter fam! Love you all!!!

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