Teacher of the Year Nomination

What a way to begin the work week...my principal came by my class first thing this morning, walks in and says "congratulation" as he shakes my hand. I am clueless and say, "Thank you, but for what?" He then says that I've been nominated for Teacher of Year! WOW! I almost cried when he said it. What an honor to even be nominated by a collegue. I work with so many talented educators at Pembroke Meadows Elementary and feel so honored words really can't get into it completely. Now I have homework...as a nominee I have to write an explanation of my teaching philosophy and how it impacts my work as an educator. My brain is already spinning away! I may not be Nationally Board certified (YET...hopefully this time next year I'll knock that one out too), but I've had some practice with educational writing in the past year thanks to that certification process and hopefully I can write a killer statement to present myself to the Teacher of the Year committee.


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