Retro post: Easter 2012

     This Easter I volunteered to sing in the Easter choir like I had a couple years ago. Easter is one of the few Sundays when I do not have commitments in the SHED with our middle schoolers, so it works out perfectly to serve in the music ministry.

We sang at the Saturday night service and all three Sunday morning services, hence the outfit change.
 Saturday night

Easter Sunday
    Our most holy day, which was the theme of a number of Adam's sermons leading up to Resurrection Sunday. If Christ did not rise then our faith is meaningless. He not only had to die on the cross for our sins, but raise again to conquer death, the ultimate consequence of the fall.
 Adam and I looking dapper in our Sunday's best.

The girls and I hanging out between services since we attended Saturday night's entire service and stayed in the choice loft during the second Sunday morning service.
     Alicia is our choir connection. I'm so glad I got to sing with the choir again this year, especially since it will probably be my last Easter at Atlantic Shores since we're headed to a new ministry this summer.
     Easter was also Allyson's birthday. Happy Birthday girl...welcome to your mid twenties...I'm trying my hardest to call you by your adult name...Allyson, not Ally...since that was your birthday wish. Love you girl!

     After services, we headed over to the Barker abode for a delicious Easter dinner and we were joined by the Herndon parents as well. The food was delicious as always and the company was delightful. I can't believe next year at this time I'll be all settled into our new church life and family in Boston, MA.

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