Retro post: spring break 2012

    Since Adam has Air Force Chaplaincy work four days of my spring break this year, I decided to take a trip out to Chicago to visit the Carters and hang out with Thais and the boys since Isaiah was on spring break as well. I am so in love with Sammy and Isaiah and I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend with them. I am also amazed at the many seasons Thais and my friendship (or more like sisterhood) has been through from college to marriage to the beginning of her completed family. I love that we pick up right where we left off (on the phone, haha) and get to continue creating memories.

    Here are some highlights from the trip, which was very kid-centric since we had kiddos on spring break to entertain and I LOVED it! Wouldn't have wanted the visit to be any different. So I got into town on a Tuesday after Easter weekend and Thais picked me up from the airport and whisked me off to brunch, one of my favorite city life requests. My mom and I found the perfect gift for a huge Spiderman fan and a fellow basket for that fan's bro.
Then I hung out with the boys and got reaquainted. 
My last visit was a few weeks after Sammy's arrival in the fall. Boy had he grown!
I snapped up tons of photos. Had to document my visit while the boys were happy to say cheese.
Isaiah was tons of fun around the camera.
He is the smartest, coolest kid you'll ever meet!

     That night Thais and I had a girls night to ourselves thanks to daddy Heath, so we grabbed sushi and went to see a play at a local theater. It was an intriguing show related to the season's theme of the effects of war and this one was oh so appropriate for me as it was about a photographer who was dealing with the consequences of her work, which was to photograph war torn countries, and the "baggage" she carried home with her.
The next day after a leisurely morning, Thais and I took the boys to Navy Peer.
We gave Isaiah the choice of riding the Ferris wheel or carousel and he went with the carousel.
After riding, we went for a nice stroll all the way to the end of the peer stopping along the way for some photo-ops of course!
Model Isaiah
Thais and her boys...well the young ones at least.
Then we grabbed lunch before the drive home during which the boys napped.

     That night I got to participate in community dinner since the Carters live in community with the DeCostanzas, their downstairs neighbors. Heath made a delicious curry and I found out about the Carter's eating habits of eating pretty much vegetarian at home. I learned some yummy veggie recipes while visiting too which I came home and cooked a few times since (mainly veggie tacos).
The boys enjoyed dinnertime too.

     We had lovely weather while I was visiting. In fact I got to go outside and help Isaiah with his new bike riding skills. He had just learned to ride without training wheels over the weekend and it was really impressive letting go and watching him continue down the driveway behind the house.

     Lunch was a highlight too since Thais lives in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, we ate delicious Mexican food at a local spot and it was crazy how inexpensive and tasty my burrito was. I could have gone back for second visit.
 The Carter's lovely neighborhood.

    That night Thais and I hung out with the little boys because Heath was wrapping up his dissertation work and defending the Friday of my visit at Notre Dame. 
What an accomplishment Dr. Carter!
    Thais and I watched Rango that night with Isaiah and once again he amazed me with his inquisitiveness and curiosity. 
I:"Mom, what is Rango?" 
T:"A lizard." 
I: "Why?"
T:"Well honey that's how God made him."
I: "Why?"
T: "Well, that's like asking why God made you to be a boy."
Gotta love how young minds think and wonder.

    The next morning, we had some crafting time when Isaiah informed us that his mouse friend needed a house more his own size, so out of a cardboard diaper box a mouse house was born with wallpaper colored by Isaiah and a roof complete with story told by Isaiah as well. Too CUTE!
    I know I'm missing some of the details now that it's been a couple months since my visit, that's what I get for not keeping up with this here blog...but I'm remembering the highlights.The last activity I got to enjoy before heading to the airport to fly home was a visit to a neighborhood playground and good times were had by all.
 It was a fantastic visit as always because Thais and Heath are the host and hostess with the mostess.
Thanks for having me and making my spring break so entertaining.


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Loved having you, roomie!!

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