Retro post: Girls weekend in Clarksville

We girls could not have been more excited to head out to Clarksville, TN for a girls weekend in honor of Shelby who had just recently become a new mommy. This would also be the moment when those of us who weren't there for Adrienne's delivery (should out to the lucky Lindsey) would get to meet Adrienne for the first time!

Courtney, Evely and Haley had the travel flexibility to arrive on Thursday and get started helping out and loving on mommy and baby. 
Yes, even Evelyn got to join in on the girl's weekend fun, starting her off young.
Isn't this the CUTEST photo of Haley with Adrienne...I must say I'm jealous I did not get such a shot of myself with her. I guess that just means there will have to be a future visit for a photo do-over, haha.

Lindsey drove in from Atlanta Friday morning and her first stop was swooping me up from the airport on her way into Clarksville.

This photo was taken moments after arriving and I had literally just met Adrienne. 
Meeting her brought tears to my eyes! 
I loved her so much already and I had only known her for minutes.
After checking out Shelby's beautiful home, we all got acquainted with her neighborhood which was perfect for pre-dinner walks.

That evening we cooked up a delicious dinner and continued catching up on life along with all its twists and turns.

The next day, after breakfast and some relaxation around the house we decided to head out for lunch and a visit to a local winery.
For lunch we went to this uno-esque pizzeria and it definitely hit the spot.
 Please note...Shelby was already back to being one hot mama!
From lunch we headed over to the winery for a tour and tasting.

The remainder of the weekend we relaxed at Shelb's, enjoyed holding and feeding Adrienne, continued catching up on the latest and just enjoyed each other's company.

Enjoying some auntie time
Ev too!
    There's no doubt that we're all like sisters and I am so glad we were able to come out and visit you Shelb while you were still navigating the early stages of mommyhood...though I must say you seemed to have things down pat and you amaze me! 

    The weekend's intention was simply to love on Shelby and Adrienne, but I have to also send out a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support through everything the past year has held. I am looking forward to the future with anticipation for each of our lives and what God has in store!

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