The Doctor is IN!

After much perserverence, we can finally call her Dr. Melinda Barker, Ph.D!
Dr. Barker defended her dissertation at Hampton University yesterday and thankfully we were there to see it.

Her study researched the Hepatitis C population and a group of their family members to study their hope, self-care and quality of life. It also broke down the patient pool to study those who did attend support groups and those who did not. Hepatitis C has been an area that my mom has been devoted to for years now. Her devotion and teaching is what motivated me to work as an advocate for disease awareness as well. Dr. Barker hopes to create new research about the virus because very little research has been done up until this point on this patient population.

Here are some shots as we watched her prepare and defend...

A prayer before hand with a couple of her faculty members

Her introduction by her chair Dr. Jane Servonsky

The defense presentation begins.Questions from the dissertation committee.
Faculty questions and the audience in the room.Dr. Barker responds to questions passionately.After the committee convened, the announce that Melinda Barker will become Dr. Melinda Barker, Ph.D! CONGRATS DR. BARKER!Her senior med students came to watch the defense and celebrate with her.Dr. Barker and fellow nurse practioner Karen. They go way back!
Dr. Barker and her sister, Helene. The nurse who inspired her to pursue nursing.
Then we headed to Zia Marie's for a celebratory dinner!
Before dinner we presented Dr. Barker with some gifts.
Brad gave her a beautiful watch, symbolic of all the TIME this journey has taken.Anna gave mom a desk placard with her new name engraved on it.
She got a little emotional realizing it was all really happenning! She had done it!
Adam and I added to Dr. Mom's (what I've taken to calling her) Willow Tree collection with the angel of learning for those who have a love of learning.
Cola and Dennis gave her Dr. Melinda Barker stationary.

Our family celebrating with Dr. Melinda Barker! We are all SO PROUD of her!THERE SHE IS DOCTOR MELINDA BARKER PHD!
We can't wait to celebrate again on Mother's Day as Dr. Mom graduates and recieves her Ph.D!


veganmegan said...

yay!! what a wonderful day!

Cola said...

I can't tell you how proud I am of her...and how awesome it is to have a friend that is not only caring and giving, but inspiring. It was truly a wonderful experience...I'm so happy I didn't miss this!!! Love you all...Cola

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