Easter is coming!

This past weekend, I got to spend some really good quality time with my hubbie. Life has been pretty busy lately, so I really enjoyed having his complete and undivided attention. I was even more excited when he told me he actually wanted to take me shopping for an Easter Dress. We wandered through a bunch of stores and this is the dress I took home from J. Crew. (Oh and a little something I didn't know about J. Crew...they give teachers a 15% discount if you show your school ID!) I even got a new haircut on Friday, so I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter with me new look wearing my new threads with a springy colored cartigan and a cute pair of sandals.


veganmegan said...

how sweet! i don't think i will ever hear those words out of mike's mouth! cute dress!

Heath and Thais said...

Love the dress!

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