Spring Break...VAcation

I cannot wait for spring break to arrive. Work is good, but a break would be great too and I could use the REST!! The month of March has just been busy non-stop, so I am ready for a week of relaxation and fun without a strickly set agenda.

Adam and Nima are on break too since the church offices will be closed that week, so we're heading out on Sunday after Easter services (where I'll wear my new dress) and we'll all be off on our break tour which I will call our VAcation.

First stop: Mom's cabin where we plan to relax, read and enjoy the mountains. Maybe we'll go hiking, maybe we'll have fun with my new camera, maybe I'll see Radford where Anna goes to school, and I'm sure we'll enjoy some extra Z's as well. Nothing is set in stone, but it should be a few days of relaxation with some new discoveries along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Then we're off to Lynchburg (Wednesday) for a visit and to see how much Liberty has grown and changed. We keep hearing all about it, now we'll get to see it for ourselves. We'll also see some of Adam and Nima's friends who still live in the area and maybe I'll get to visit my Miss Lynchburg pageant committee while I'm in town.
Thursday we're off to Charlottesville for a visit. Hopefully we'll see some friends (Stacy, Celeste, and maybe Pete and Amy) and of course we'll walk around UVA. I hope the weather is nice because I love eating Little John's and Take it Away on the lawn.

Our last Virginia Visit is northern Virginia where we'll stay with the McCormicks. Maybe we'll even experience Dinner in the District (well I found out that no girls are allowed...but we can have a Dinner in DC, maybe girls would be allowed to that version;). We'll also do some birthday celebrating because Amanda's birthday will take place while we're hanging out as well as Kathy's 25th birthday celebration.

Nothing is totally set in stone except where we expect to be, but we know all the VACATION will be fun-filled. I'm sure I'll give some updates as long as we have internet access along the way. Only a few more days or teaching ESL and Acting classes and then we're off!


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Andrew McCormick said...

We look forward to seeing you soon! Yet, I don't want to burst your bubble...but "Dinner in the District"=NO girls allowed. :)

We'll have an unofficial version though!

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