I'm not missing this one...

I've loved this group since high school when my (OSL) friends and I would sing "It's a Beautiful Day" at the top of our lungs in the middle of a field we discovered out in Great Bridge on a gorgous spring night with our car headlights shining as we danced and frolicked around in the moonlight.
Now I'll get to see them live at Scott's Stadium this fall!
I may have missed the Rolling Stones while I was at UVA, due to being a student on a college budget...but now that I'm a working woman I won't miss this concert!
We'll be waiting in anticipation for October to arrive. I agree with Andrew, it will definately be "A Beautiful Day" !


Andrew McCormick said...

LoL. Yea, missing the Rolling Stones concert in 2005 is pretty much the biggest regret of my entire life. I often pray they don't die before their next tour!

Celeste said...

HAHA...John has informed me that we will definitely be heading to the JPJ for that show!

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