Coupons...take two

I took the plunge again and tried my hand at triple coupon shopping this time well aware of the limits of the triple coupon. I headed to Harris Teeter on Monday with Adam, this time with a stack of $.99 and lower coupons (since those are the ones that triple). I wasn't able to get a picture of what we bought and saved on this go round...but I can tell you it was a successful trip. We saved $48 this trip, $38 with coupons alone and another $10 from the VIC card. We got three tubes of tooth paste for $.15! I don't think we'll ever pay for toothpaste again, at least that's the hope. I'm still working on using the coupons to actually buy food because after our shopping trip we realized we still didn't go home with a ton to actually eat, but we also realized just how much more expensive it can be to shop at Teeter. Therefore, we decided to save the majority of our non-coupon food shopping for the commissary. Cheers to a successful coupon experience! Now the task is to collect more food coupons. Any suggestions for where to find more beyond the Sunday paper?

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veganmegan said...

there are lots of coupon websites that post new coupons daily. if you are looking for something in particular google it to see if anyone has posted a coupon!

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