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Wow! I just finished reading this book this week in the midst of ESL ACCESS testing and what an amazing novel. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, so I thought encourage my readers to pick up a copy and check it out.If I had to sum it up without giving anything away...I would say it is an out of the box, faith stretching read that pushed me away from my stereotypical notions of who God is. It also really pushed my thinking in terms of the question of suffering in the world. For example, time and time again I see good people who have to face terrible circumstances like battling cancer, and I wonder why God would allow such a thing to happen. However, this book's thoughts on the matter really struck me, that perhaps God doesn't create those situations or allow them to happen, but instead they occur because of the fallen nature of the world and rather he redeems those broken situations and uses them for his purpose because of his great love for us.
You should definately check out this book and let me know how it impacts your thoughts. You can read more on the book if you visit their website


Andrew McCormick said...

This is now on our reading list (although it may take me a few years to get to it...after I grow out of the anti-reading phase law school has created)!

Andrew McCormick said...

PS-Massive graduation party going down up here on 5/16. The official word is going out in another week or so, but wanted to let you guys know early, since y'all are out of town!

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