This past weekend was the weekend of women's events...let me tell you...A women's ministry event, a bridal shower and A BABY SHOWER for Lisa!We are all SO excited for Lisa and can't wait for those little girls to get here!Lisa's aunt having everyone prayer for her and the babies.
The happy momma, her sister and mother-in-law...we're about to open gifts.Nope you are not seeing double...if you haven't picked up on it already or read the earlier announcements...Lisa is have twin girls! Oh, and twin cards can be hard to find...these two matched by chance from the same family.Matching or coordinating, aren't girl's things so darling!?A family made scrapbook...all she has to add are the actual pictures. It was beautiful.
Lisa was a Sigma Kappa and so was her Grandma. These shirts came from her SWEET! I hope I have a girl someday, so I can have a future Gamma Phi.
This machine makes baby food from raw to pureed, a big savings when you start out with two from the get-go.
These monitors keep track of all the baby's feedings and poops...the high tech way to keep a log for your first doctor's visits. Our moms just kept how did we ever survive without all these gadgets!?Haley wins...she found twin paper, not just a twin card and Lisa found a diaper genee wrapped inside so she can make diaper sausages.Can you guess who the sunglasses are from....that's right Courtney, our bride from the day before. Do you remember why she would give this gift?
Two jumpsters...I can't wait to see those babies bouncing in the doorways at the same time.Mother Goose RhymesA booboo bunny and a two peas in a pod frame. AHHHH!!!Calendar's for firsts.and...My guessed it and it's becoming my very own tradition.
The bathtub, two rubber duckies and...
handmade hooded towels!The father-to-be arrives.
Dan says he wants a hooded towel too...I just might have to surprise you with one someday. Mommy and Daddy...first there were two...then there was you...I mean two more.

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veganmegan said...

jess! i love that you always take pictures! it is so hard being so far from everyone. I love that I can count on you to feel like I was there!

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