Courtney's Bridal Shower

Saturday, Courtney was into town so we could all get together and shower the bride with some gifts. The Bride-to-be and her Sister-in-law to be (also our lovely hostess)The shower was held at Freemason Abbey, a neat restaurant in Norfolk that was once a church and later was restored into a restaurant.
Notice the sunglasses...the bride's favorite do we know this? We played "Who knows the bride best"...Leslie, the Mother-in-law to be won!
After a delicious was on to the gifts!
Opening Leslie's, the mother-in-law to be's gift...a beautiful crystal serving piece wrapped in the bride's favorite color, blue...which we also were sure to know after playing "How well do you know the bride?"
Can you tell she loved her everyday flatware and her down comforter!
Then she opened Cola's shower basket...a cast iron pot to make a delicious spaghetti dinner. It's become her traditional gift that everyone looks forward to when they get married! It's been given to Lisa, Lindsey and now Court...who will be up next?

Haley got her thank you notes in her fave shade of blue in different motifs.
Then it was my turn...

A heart shaped non-stick baking pan, a mini trifle set, and...the full size trifle dish with a non-edible trifle inside.
(I had fun getting creative with the wrapping).
Even Austin got a electric carving knife.Then there were some spicy gifts from my mom...for Austin as well.
What should follow sexy lingerie...but the breaking of a bow to guarantee the bride and groom at least one heir to the throne. Keep breaking those bows Court...we also learned that she wants four little ones, so three more bows to break.
It was a lovely shower and we are all looking forward to the wedding! In fact I booked my mom and my plane tickets this weekend! Wisconsin here we come.

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