This is a Test: A One Act

Saturday, Larkspur Middle's One Act Team competed at our One Act Play festival. They performed This is a Test (which I actually saw performed at States back in '98...and the director of that performance was one of our judges interestingly enough). The show really came together and the students did a fantastic job. There were plenty of laughs had by the audience.The play begins...Allen is upset because he's not ready for his test after staying up all night studying and being interrupted by phone calls. Then he finds himself distracted by a drama exercise that occurs in his mind throughout the play and weaves in and out of the story motivating much of Allen's distraught behavior.Paranoia sets in as he sees everyone around him blatantly cheating.
The chorus girls continue to taunt him focusing on his lack of social life, bad looks and overall awkwardness.A dream sequence occurs when his mother appears to tell him he's been accepted to Magestica University (as a sophomore).
The class singing a Beethoven rendition in unison to ask for more answer sheets leaving Allen out of the loop and without extra bonus points.A football player arriving late, who receives a 100% for saying he knows all the answers without actually having to take the test.A final Freak out moment of building frustration and confusion from not knowing Chinese for an essay question and in the end running out time even though he finally knows the answer to one of the questions.
We haven't received our scores yet, but as soon as I know how we did, I'll let you know. The judges seemed very pleased with our performance in our critique, so hopefully that will lead to good scores. Keep your fingers crossed for our little play.

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