A RIDE down to the beach

As some of you may know, my latest car (formerly Adam's sunfire before my sunfire died) has been dieing a slow death over the past month or so. After having a number of repairs done, we were told by the machanic that we should begin looking into buying another car because the sunfire was likely to go any day. So I continued driving the car as it would attempt to overheat, rumble along, ect....

WELL...the story begins yesterday when I got to church for youth group.... Adam says he has something to show me, to which I reply sarcastically, "What'd you buy me a car?" To which he replied, "Nah." Then as we were walking towards the Life Center, Adam presses a button and a parked car beeps. I look at him SHOCKED and with mixed emotions. He tells me to get in. Still shocked, I climb into the drivers seat of a 2007 Ford Fusion. Feeling excited to possibly have a newer car and dazed that I had no input, I continue to look around the car with confusion and amazement. Then moments later, I breathe a sigh of relief as Adam says, "Not really, it's just a 24 hour test drive, but what do you think?" Then I got REALLY excited because now I would have the time to drive the car and see what I actually thought about it.
So after church we drove it down to the beach, since it was a beautiful night out, grabbed dinner and hung out down by the beach at Catch 31 (a very cool restaurant by the way). You may be wondering...what happened with the Ford Fusion? More to come on that as it develops...

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