757 Scavenger Hunt

Friday night, I participated in my first scavenger hunt and it was a blast. Just some highlights.
Our team: Adam, Nima, TJ and JessAn Atlantic Shores coffee mug, with a non team member drinking from it.
(Laura, TJ's wife, couldn't play cause she organized the hunt...but we got her in the game too!)Our team on the swings at City View Park with an umbrella.
An Obama headlineUs with Wild Animals (see the penquins...we got creative at Barnes and Noble)

Us and a map of Middle Earth...

We almost got a picture of us with a cop at the store too...but he decided not to play along :( and I was afraid of getting arrested so I didn't just shoot his picture anyway. Oh well.Our creative New Years card...get it a new year of lifeFrench PostersUs and a glossy guitare advertisement
An Ice Skating RinkThe Team and a church staff member with business card (lucky us that we had one on our team).A barretA team mascot...mascot for the Army National Guard
Our sand castle on the beach...we really did make it down to the beach!Seals at the Aquarium..no one else got that shot.

Well, we didn't win cause we didn't get as many of the small items as some of the other teams...next time we make a stop at Walmart as well. Now I know the best strategies! However, we had the best time and wound up all over the city in just an hour and a half. Fun times and in even in the rain!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! How fun! It makes me think of High School when we used to spend our weekend nights goofing off at Barnes and Noble.

Arielle said...

That is one interesting group! Photo scavenger hunts are lots of fun!

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