WE3 Event

The month of March has been a busy one as you may have noticed and the fun continued this weekend beginning with our spring women's ministry event. I was on the decorating committee and had a great time helping to plan and create a spring time "egg-stravaganza". We went with a cheery pink and green color scheme for the breakfast and had break out sessions on praying, the women's ministry as a whole and our God given gifts. My gift came up as the gift of encouragement. Seemed to fit...what do you think?

Here's some shots of the decor.
We had a great turn out of around 130 women! I was excited that I knew quite a few who were there that morning between the 757 ladies, middle school leaders and parents and church staff and wives. Little by little I'm getting more connected in the church and every day it begins to feel like a smaller place, which I just love!

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