12 Days of Christmas

What have the Herndons been doing in the "Twelve Days" leading up to Christmas?

On the First Day of Christmas...the church kicked off the Christmas season with its Women's Ministry Christmas Dinner and Fashion Show. The tables were decked out with the utmost of care in the hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there...let's just say they were decorated beautifully by numerous women in the church. Then the male leaders in church, Adam included, had the pleasure of waiting on all the women for dinner. They were all so cute in their waiter uniforms, black slacks and white collared shirts. After all the food was enjoyed, we had a fashion show sponsored by the Dress Barn. I modeled two different Christmas dresses. This was later wrapped into the speaker's challenge before the night wrapped up.

On the Second Day of Christmas...the Student Ministries had its own Christmas Banquet to thank all the leaders for their service to the Middle School Waves and High School Elevate students. We had a delicious potluck followed by a hilarious gift auction. I won a package of holiday mixed nuts. Yummy!

Our leaders being recognized and an action shot from the auction.

On the Third Day of Christmas...we invited my parents to join all the Herndons at our church's Christmas program. The music was lovely and they even performed a modernized version of the Christmas story, which was an interesting twist.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...we finally started our Christmas shopping. A little last minute I know...but at least it was done with time to spare.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...Adam challenged the students with a Christmas message about WHY we needed Christ to be born since we will be celebrating the birth of Christ in just a few more days and then the students had some fun competing to wrap each other up like presents.

Here's one of the human gift wrapped packages.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...Anna returned from Radford Thursday, so we made plans to be at my mom's for dinner where we would also decorate the 12 foot Christmas tree.
Tomatoes and mozzarella followed by spaghetti and meatballs before some decorating festivities.Before...And yes a ladder was actually required!Recognize this ornament? It was Lindsey's wedding favor.
We did it, a completely decorated tree with wrapped gifts beneath. Not to worry though...they're just full of sand right now til Santa comes and magically transforms them into real presents...right mom?

On the Seventh Day of Christmas...I spent the Saturday at my mom's doing some Christmas baking. It's not Christmas without homemade cookies. So I baked chocolate chip and oatmeal chip cookies to bundle and give to the girls in my Sunday school class the next day. They all seemed excited about the little packages that awaited them on Sunday morning. I also got a small makeover on a whim...you'll see.On the Eighth Day of Christmas...we went to see Handel's Messiah performed by the Virginia Symphony at Regent with Robin, Everette, Evan and Amy Saturday night. Evan and Amy came from a Christmas party so I didn't get a shot of them before the show. Here we are enjoying the pre-performance show, the Virginia Children's Choir. (Notice anything different about me from earlier in the week?)
On the Ninth Day of Christmas...it was also Haley's Birthday...so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALE!!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...I helped my mom with her last minute shopping.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...we made a surprise stop at the airport for a Christmas homecoming with our gal who now lives in Texas! Welcome home Shelb!!

An emotional reunion between a mother and her daughter!

Surprise!! We came too!!

Shelb put on my red shoes, tapped her heals and said "There's no place like home!"

And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas...the Herndon's are looking forward to Christmas Eve festivities...from Leslie's annual Christmas Eve get-together, to our church's Christmas Eve service, to the Lobster Fra Diovlo dinner at Mom's and then of course Christmas day when we'll see so many of our friends and family!I'm sure they'll be many festive photos to post coming up! Merry Christmas everybody!! We hope you're enjoying the holidays as much as we are.


Andrew McCormick said...

That is a H-U-G-E tree! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Adam and Jessica said...

We hope you have a Merry Christmas too! Will you be in Va Beach at all with your side? We can't wait to visit in January if not sooner if you are in town and have time for coffee. XOXO

Dustin and Adele said...

Your tree is gorgeous! And I love your hair! Dark hair looks great on you! P.S. Come see our blog ... Lindsey talked me into it.

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