A run for their money!

And this game was really big because if Tech won, they would go on to the ACC Championship, but if UVA won we would become eligible for post season play. Let's just say both teams came motivated and it was shaping up to be quite a game as long as both teams showed up ready to BRING IT!

We arrived at Virginia Tech around 10am and Adam got right to starting our breakfast tailgate.

Our chef at work

What Chef Adam cooked up: turkey bacon, sausage links and an omelet bowl sauteed with onions, peppers and ham. YUMMY!Two Hokie fans enjoying the tailgate!We were surrounded by some very spirited vehicles and the flags were ours.

Everette has his own travel flagpole! Now that's team spirit!Lane Stadium, complete with Hokie StoneThe Herndon Hokie fans headed to the game.
Everette's comment at this point was that this would be the most documented game he had ever attended (because of all my picture taking...but I have to take care of the blog!)

The first site when I arrived: my team LIVE! I hadn't been to a live game in almost two years!

The proud UVA fan! Even though I was surrounded by Tech fans, I still had to represent!

It helped that the UVA Marching band was nearby...especially when it came time to sing the Good Ole Song! That's right we got to sing the Good Ole Song...TWICE! More details in a moment.

A Hoo and a Hokie, a family dividedThe Hoos' entranceThe Hokie fans getting reved up to Enter Sandman...The Hokie's entranceLet's play some football!GO HOOS!
Well the Hoos scored on the first drive of the game making the score 0 to 7 UVA, followed by a Hokie goal evening up the score 7 to 7. Then the Hoos scored again in the second quarter. The Hoos were ahead 14 to 7 at half time. Then the Hokies scored again in the third quarter evening up the score again. Heading into the 4th quarter Everette said that the next team to score would win the game...and he was right. The Hokies scored three points for a field goal edging out the Hoos 17 to 14. The hoos were about to get another touch down or at least a field goal in the last two minutes of the game, but sadly a pass was intercepted in the in zone leading to my Hoos demise. Guess there's always next year, but at least we gave those Hokies a run for their money! It was a great game and now Robin and Everette are headed to Tampa next weekend for the ACC Championship. The bright side: at least my team didn't ruin their travel plans.


Andrew McCormick said...

Nice pictures and great job representing UVA in that filthy stadium. :)

So I'm thinking maybe we could meet up in Richmond for dinner sometime soon. Maybe get the Owens, Ainsworths, and Bullettes in on it too. Would a Saturday night work for you guys? January or February? Toodles!

Anonymous said...

lol...way to keep things in perspective..hate to ruin those travel plans!

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