Turkey Day Festivities

This Thanksgiving Adam and I returned to Charlottesville to celebrate with the Herndon Clan. We hadn't been there for Thanksgiving since 2005, so it was nice to see everyone again. Even Evan and Amy made it, which was a last minute development and we were excited to have them there with us.

Thanksgiving dinner was held potluck style. There was a little or a lot of everything! I made my new apples and pears recipe. I'll have to post it later because it's been a hit. When I made it for Sarah's baby shower, it was requested to be in attendance at Thanksgiving and so it was.
There was lots of picture taking time, especially with the new arrival of Sophia. We had to get one of the cousins with our family's latest addition. Isn't she adorable?!
The new parents and Sophia...what a bundle of joy!
After dinner, desserts, and numerous conversations we were headed back to Grannies to relax and enjoy our triptophan coma. We all played with Feenie and then the boys ventured out on the farm to do some exploring like back in the days of their youth. The rest of us just hung out and enjoyed every one's company. The next morning Evan and Amy continued their Black Friday tradition and went shopping bright and early for some great bargains. Adam and I woke at a later hour, had breakfast and got ready for the drive to my mom's cabin. This would be Robin and Everette's first visit to the new cabin.
Chillin' at Chateau Barker.
We met my mom and Cola at the cabin later that afternoon and after some grocery shopping and repairs to the pipes, so we could get the water running again, we put the chicken chili on to cook. Can't have a visit to the cabin without chicken chili, plus it was a nice, light meal which was perfect since we were still all full from Thanksgiving. That night we watched the anniversary edition of Pretty Woman, which has additional scenes, and nodded off to bed.
The next morning we were up early to head off to Blacksburg to see Virginia Tech play UVA. Mom and Cola stayed behind to enjoy the rest of their weekend at the cabin, while Robin, Everette, Adam and I jumped in our cars and raced down the road to Blacksburg to get our breakfast tailgate going. It had been a great holiday thus far and it wasn't over yet....

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