Christmas Eve Festivities

Christmas Eve Festivities began at Leslie's abode as usual, but this year we met for lunch instead of brunch because Haley had to work half a day. As usual it was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas Celebration. Ready to eat delicious food...and pose for pictures. Don't worry Linds, we didn't take the traditional stairway picture this year without you (2nd down)...we replaced it with a new couch shot. We missed you though and wished you'd been there, but we'll get one with you next year!
Next, Shelby and I were off to Church for the Christmas Eve service. We met my dad, Robin, Everette, and Adam there to celebrate the true reason for the season, the birth of Christ. Happy Birthday Jesus! (Hence the Birthday cake in the church entrance way.)

After a lovely service filled with beautiful music and the final challenge from Pastor Rob, who married us, to remember Christ throughout the year and not just at Christmas time, we were off to my mom's for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner...Lobster Fra Dieovlo.
Antipasta to start...
A shot with our siblings, gotta get one every year (4th down)...can't wait to see the change 20 years from now.)Adam, Evan and Amy having a good laugh with Chloe.Anna and her boyfriend Will playing pool with Will's mom who joined us for the evening.Two of my best friends who spent Christmas Eve with our family YEARS ago at my Nana's and came back to celebrate with us this year. It really helped make it feel like old times even though my Nana, Papa, Uncle Victor, Aunt Lynn and cousins were in Florida for the first time this Christmas. (Oh and we didn't even plan to be so coordinated, guess great minds just think alike.)The "Kids"... a little grown up huh!?

DINNER TIME The Kids' Table...we know how to have a good time, so it's where you want to be!
The Big Kids' TableAdam full of Lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp and a little pasta too...We LOVE LOBSTER FRA DIEOVLO!


Cola received a robe to wear up at my mom's new cabin because if you haven't noticed she enjoys going up there as much as my mom does and Dennis got a movie to watch up there too, The Dark Night.Cola gave my mom a photo album of cabin pictures from the new cabin with room for future photos.

Mom and Brad got aerobeds from Robin and Everette to use up at the cabin. Are you noticing a trend in the gifts this year? Can you tell how much everyone is loving the new little cabin!

It was a festive evening with tons of laughter, love, family and friends! The best way to ring in Christmas!

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