A present for OSL!!!

So Christmas Eve (Eve) I decided to work on an arts and crafts project for OSL and planned to give them to those present at Leslie's and then mail the rest right after Christmas to everyone else who I didn't get to see over the holidays. I loved the project so much and wasn't able to get them out before Christmas, but I decided to give everyone a preview and you can be looking forward to receiving one in the mail if of you are in OSL (which I'm sure you're wondering "what is OSL?...well it stands for Old School Love. It's a bunch of us who went to Great Bridge together back in the day).
Can you guess what I was making???
Yup, OSL ornaments for everyone's Christmas trees!
I painted them gold and tied them together with green, metalic thread since those were out Old School colors.Hanging on Leslie's tree and what you can expect them to look like on yours:)

The OSL girls who got ornaments in person at Leslie's. We missed everyone else who wasn't able to make it by this year! Merry Christmas and I hope you all think of our fun times together everytime you put this ornament on your Christmas tree. XOXO

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