Going back a bit...Redskins weekend in DC

A couple weekends back now, Adam and I headed up to DC for the weekend. We were able to visit friends, family and Redskins Stadium. Here are some highlights from the weekend pregame...

Friday night we arrived in Pentagon City and grabbed a bite with Amanda and Andrew. Then we relaxed on their rooftop for a while catching up followed by some AMAZING nachos (which were ordered twice!!) at another hot spot across the street from their place. Very convenient.The following day we spent some time visiting Adam's uncle and grandfather and were later joined by his cousins as well. It was good to see them, especially since his uncle has been sick. We spent a good bit of the afternoon catching up until my cat allergies couldn't take it anymore and we had to leave. This visit was the longest my allergies have held out there yet (they have three cats)!

That night we headed into DC with Amanda, Andrew and Howard for dinner at a great Mexican restaurant. It was a very popular spot, so we had about an hour wait, but it was entertaining non-the-less. Hence the fun shots... My hubbie is pretty hilarious when it comes to the camera lately, don't you think? Here he is with chips and enjoying a jalapeno.Us followed by Andrew sporting the pink socks! They definitely make the outfit!Adam seemed to be holding those chips and salsa all night long...at least it seems that way in pictures, but at least we got a cute shot together. It may be in the running for a new profile pic.Finally dinnertime and boy were the fajitas GOOD!!
We even heard some entertaining stories from Amanda, Andrew and Howard about their adventures in Egypt.After dinner, we somehow wound up on a quest for things named after Adam and right beside the restaurant was "Adam's Cleaners"! From there we headed to ADAMS Morgan where we found a fun spot to enjoy some Egyptian culture. I tried this amazing sweet hot tea, YUM, and it came in the coolest individual teapots!The night wasn't over yet, as we walked back to the metro Adam had to try a jumbo pizza slice that he'd seen people walking around with. The picture does not do the size justice!
We got back to the apartment around 2:30 or so and crashed to get some sleep before the Redskins game on Sunday. We had such a great time hanging out. Thanks to the McCormicks for hosting us for the weekend. There's always a good time to be had!

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