Hail to the Redskins

Adam's lifelong dream has been to own Redskins season tickets and this was his lucky year. His dad had owned season tickets, but gave them up last year. However, for whatever reason he was re-offered his seats this season and before turning them down he offered the tickets to Adam to buy. After doing some research to see if he could sell most of the tickets and keep a couple games worth for himself he decided to go through with making this dream a reality. The great part about being married is now I get to visit a game each year too! So we headed to DC for the weekend and the Redskin's home opener.

Here we are pulling up to the stadium. It is HUGE!No game is complete without a proper tailgate.
We made a breakfast omelet I took to calling the Campbell Scramble.Sitting in the actual tailgate as Adam's cooks up breakfast on his cool tailgating grill. Our parking neighbors were impressed and curious since it's grill on top and cooler on bottom. We then wondered over to the game a few minutes early to walk around, enjoy all the excitement and find our seats, which are great by the way.The team enters the field.The marching band, I believe the Redskins are the only NFL team with a marching band.Kick-offIn the red-zone...which lead to one of our three field goal kicks that won us the game!
Hail to the Redskins and victory!! Braves on the warpath, Fight for old DC!

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