Mountains Weekend 2009

Another year at Grave's Mountain Lodge has come and gone and a good time was had by all of course! This was our 19th year and there were no vacancies. (past years) Here are some shots documenting the weekend and our photogenic friends and family.The CabinThis year we ushered in a new season of life with the addition of BABIES at the cabin.
The Mazzio twins were in attendance and our cousin Sophia stopped by on Saturday, so we all enjoyed our share of time with the little ones!
I love this picture with the new carriers and the fall foliage in the background!
Hiking here we come!This one above is of my favorites from the weekend!
It is always such a great weekend to catch up with everyone and I'm already looking forward to next year, especially since as you noticed Adam couldn't make it because he was in Charlotte, NC finishing his last seminary class. There's so much to look forward to!

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Melin said...

Wow sweetie, the pics are great! as was the time we all had, Love you, Momma

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