U2...the BEST Concert Ever!

Here we are at the U2 concert. It was literally the BEST concert I have ever been to!Alicia and I goofing around doing the robot. Kinda funny looking as a frozen pictures, but good times anyway! Some of our group that went together from church.
Adam and his BFF An Alien Ship for a setWe bought a couple souvenir shirts and Adam got a U2 mug. We had to take a picture since things there were pretty pricey! We'll be getting A LOT of use out of these tees!
The concert!
The set was amazing as was the music of course!
A close up of the bandBono
We had a great time. U2 was wonderful and even the opening band Muse was really good!

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Thais said...

Love, love, loved when we got to see them in Chicago. They put on an amazing show. Looks like you had a blast!!

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