Happy 26th Birthday!

My actual 26th birthday was spent moving into our new house. That is one GREAT birthday present. Adam had originally tried to plan a dinner out with friends for the night of my actual birthday, but we were just too knee deep in moving, so we rescheduled those plans for the following weekend. Instead we went to dinner with my parents near the house that night to celebrate once we had reached a happy stopping point for the night.

The next Friday, Adam organized a birthday dinner with some friends at Bravo. We had a lovely time. I have always wanted to have one of these celebrations and I even had a new dress to wear for the occasion!

me and the hubby

Our dinner companions...excuse the flash in some of these pictures, I only had my little point and shoot camera.

Being sung happy birthday by a man who could be a professional opera singer!
We finished out our birthday celebrations on Sunday when we had dinner at the Herndons and celebrated all the fall family birthdays. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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Courtney said...

Jess, you will never believe this - but I just bought the SAME dress a few days ago!

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