5k Bunny Hop and landscaping

This past weekend was a busy one. It started off Saturday morning when my sister was home for the weekend and we decided to run the 5k Bunny Hop, that benefited diabetes research, bright and early. It was a little foggy out, but overall a great race. It was Anna's first race and she did amazing finishing ahead of me. I ran the first two miles and struggled a little on the third having not been out running since the Wicked 10k (SAD I KNOW!) It was a great way to get motivated to get back into running though and fun sister bonding time too!
We grabbed breakfast at Cracker Barrel after the run with Mom and Adam. Then Anna headed home for a nap while the three of us headed to Home Depot to begin our front landscaping project.
We bought scrubs and flowers...
and a hose complete with container to hide it on the front porch.
Then we headed back to the house where we dug up the front yard and managed to get everything planted before it was time to get ready for the Saturday night Easter church service.
Here's how it turned out. Should be really pretty as everything grows in.

There's bright green shrubs in back with maroon shrubs alternating in front of them, followed by the planters for annual flowers, which will change seasonally and then hosta in front for some ground cover and another row of flowers. As they grow they'll be cut to tiered heights. Our neighbors have been working on their flower beds as well as you can see in the picture of the smaller flower bed.We still have to mulch the beds and outline them with brick pavers that used to be in the back yard (which is another project we've been working hard on all week, pictures coming soon).Let's hope I have a green thumb like my mom! Thanks mom for all your help picking out the plants and getting everything planted. We accomplished a TON in one afternoon! It is amazing to think what the house and front yard looked like a few months ago when we started from scratch.

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