7th grade girls sleepover

A few weekends back, I invited the 7th grade girls over for a sleepover at my house. It was such a fun way to get to know them all a little better. I'm looking forward to hosting the 6th grade girls as well and then hopefully rescheduling the 8th grade sleepover that was postponed due to the big snow. I think this will become a yearly event for each grade and what a great way for me to develop deeper relationships with all the girls in our ministry.
We played two truths and a lie to get to break the ice since the girls are in two different Sunday school classes.
Then it was time to chow down on some yummy snacks.
Followed by some arts and crafts time when the girls collaged covers for their new devotional/ prayer journals.
We even had time for some entertainment/ a talent show.
Then everyone settled in for a girlie movie. The girls chose Father of the Bride.
We had a blast. I loved getting to know each of the girls that much better and laughing along with them as we made new youth group memories together.

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Thais said...

I love it! I remember making prayer journals with Amy. Looks like tons of fun.

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