Stacey's Bridal Shower

Last weekend I headed up to northern Virginia for Stacey Fink's bridal shower.
Friday night I stayed with the McCormick's and even got to celebrate Amanda's birthday.
Then on Saturday, she and I headed over to the shower together.
It was so neat seeing all the different generations of Chi Alpha girls since we'd graduated five years ago and Stacey was in our core group her first year at UVA.

Here we are playing a game of how well you know Stacey and her fiance.
Then it was on to the gifts.
Amanda and I got Stacey equipment for baking because we always used to bake cookies together. We even got her the cookie gun she wanted. It makes cookies it tons of fun shapes!
She received a beautiful platter that is actually a family heirloom.
The cake
More games
and toilet paper bridal gowns... our team's design actually won!
The other teams
I'm looking forward to the big day Stace! Can't wait to see you marry the love of your life.

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