Wednesday's Christian Seder

This past Wednesday night, we had a special service for the student ministry (both high school and middle school) where the students experienced elements of a Christian Seder since it is Passover and the Last Supper was a Passover Seder meal. Passover celebrates God's deliverance of His people from their slavery in Egypt. It is the great foreshadowing of Christ's deliverance of us all from eternal captivity and darkness. Jesus himself celebrated a Passover Seder just before he was betrayed, which of course lead to his death on a cross and later resurrection, which we celebrate on Easter.
Here were the elements from the evening:
Matzah, which was used during communion in remembrance of His body broken for our sin.
The Karpas, or green vegetables, reminds us of new life and is dipped in salt water to represent the sweat of slavery for both the Jews in Egypt and those enslaved to sin today. The Karpas was also dipped in Maror or the horseradish as a reminder of the hardships of God's people in Egypt and today our sinful habits that rob of of the freedom Jesus won for us.
The Kiddish is said as part of communion as well since Jesus offered the wine as a remembrance of his blood shed on the cross. It is also used with Elijah's cup which was set on the Jewish table giving hope for the coming Messiah. For Christians the Messiah is Jesus and the cup gives hope for his second coming.
The students sat on pillows at tables that were low to floor.
They also removed their shows to show respect.
Everyone in place for the evening to begin.
Adam's introduction of the evening and its purpose.
A time of praise and worship
Nima walking the students through the Seder elements and their symbolism.
The students experiencing the elements.
After the Seder elements, the students enjoyed a time of fellowship and a meal together during which Adam provided dinner questions for reflection on the life of Jesus from "what was your favorite story of Jesus?" to "what would you have liked Jesus to say to you?"
Then to wrap up the service, the students had communion together.
It was a moving experience for both students and leaders alike and a wonderful way to prepare for the celebration of Easter.For me it was a sweet (and somewhat emotional) time to remember my roots and Christ's love for us.
I hope everyone has a very happy Easter!

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