Laura's Ministry Baby Shower

This past Sunday I was able to throw a baby shower for one of our Middle School Waves leaders and also my very good friend, Laura Bilbrey. I threw it in conjunction with another friend, Jane, who runs the production side of our children's ministry, so we were joined by many of our fabulous student leaders!

My friend Crystal is the queen of confections!
Look at the ADORABLE cake she made!
...and candy flowers planted in a brownie!
Here was the shower set up and ready to go.
These sugar cookies were a gift...we have some very creative bakers in our midst.
Jane introducing the clothes pin game and praying for Laura and Reagan.
Crystal, Lyz, the mama-to-be and me
Some of our lady leaders enjoying lunch.
We had lots of delicious salads and finger sandwiches.
Laura getting ready to cut the cake.
One of our shower games was a relay...
the teams had to drink apple juice from a bottle...
Eat baby food...
and diaper and cloth a baby.
It was pretty hilarious and seemed appropriate after all of Adam's crazy youth group games.
Opening the gifts...
A fun time was had by all and Laura and Reagan were very blessed.

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