Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, I had the pleasure of singing in the choir at church with our high school worship team at all three Easter morning services as well as the Saturday night service. Here I am with my gal pal, Alicia, who is on the praise team and in the choir at Shores and she has also taken charge of the high school band this year. Hence the opportunity for all of us (me and the high school band/ praise team) to sing with the choir because we didn't have Sunday school Easter Sunday, which freed everyone up to sing because normally the high schoolers would be playing/ singing for high school and I would be singing with the middle school band, which I lead. I can't wait for more chances to sing with the choir. I just loved it!
After church that afternoon we headed over to the Herndon's for Easter dinner. My sister and parents joined us there as well as Evan and Amy.
Amy's birthday is this Thursday, so we celebrated that while we were all together too.
It was a very happy and festive Easter!

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