Great Expectations: 28 weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Fruit Size Comparison: Eggplant

Weight/ Clothes: I'm definitely getting rounder!! Going on vacation and the approaching holidays may reak a bit of havock on my weight gain which hasn't been bad thus far...pretty much right on target, so I'll do my best to be good/ make healthy choices while still getting to enjoy all the delicious food that's coming my way in some form of moderation. We'll find out how I did on the vacation element right after we get back since I have a doctor's appointment that following Tuesday.

I also have been dealing with some swelling, mainly in my legs, ankles and feet, so I've been feeling a little more on the puffy side. I'm not sure if this means extra weight gain this month or for real water retention from travel and more salty foods. My guess is it's probably going to wind up being a combination of weight gain and water retention.

I did work out one day on the cruise in the gym in a hope to counteract the unlimited food and sugary poolside virgin beverages.

This week we embarked on our babymoon where I was back in summery maternity clothes since we were cruising from Miami to the Bahamas for a four nights. I scored an amazing deal on a maternity swimsuit while I was home in Virginia Beach! I had a left over store credit from last Christmas to Kohls, so mom and I ran in to see what might be on clearance in their maternity department. That's where we found IT...a $68 maternity swimsuit marked down to $6.80!! That's a 90% discount and one SWEET deal if I do say so myself, so of course I scooped it up and bonus points for actually being cute. I also grabbed a pair of kaki shorts on clearance while there as well.

Cravings: Still craving salad, which I ate for lunch every day on the cruise. My not so healthy craving this week though was virgin pina collatas and virgin mohitos. They were DELICIOUS laying out in the warm sunlight. I'm going to go with totally worth the calories and what better time to indulge than when on least that's what I'm telling myself to feel better.

Movement: The baby has definitely grown this week because he is now able to stretch up into my rib cage/lungs while dancing on my bladder ALL at the same time! He's active throughout the day kicking, twisting and turning. The craziest thing has been feeling the baby's body stretched out rather than just a hard spot for the butt or head.

Symptoms: Pain/ stinging in my ribs right where my bra's underwire falls, though most of the time I'm wearing softer sports bras and it still kills me. I've attributed this pain to heartburn because my zantac helps some and the pain migrates around even to my back which makes me think it's just that my stomack is terribly squished and valves are looser than usual leading to acid swooshing around throughout that area of my body. Bottom's UNCOMFORTABLE and worst when I'm trying to go to sleep even sleeping on an incline.

Adam also recently read the husband chapter in What to Expect When You're Expecting and How to be a Pregnant Father, which his dad sent him. This book is neat because his dad recieved it as a gift way back when Robin was pregnant. The result of his reading has been a keen understanding of my need to pee ALL the time especially as the baby has grown and is squishing my bladder. He also understands why I get tired more easily these days.

My energy seems to be on the down swing a little these days too...welcome to the realities of the third trimester I guess. C'est la vie.

Mental State: A little crazy to be pregnant and on a the middle of the ocean...because as relaxing as it was, I also kept hoping there wouldn't be any weird complication while we were away...especially at sea! At least there are medical facitilities on board and we were in port everyday, so we could have reached a hospital if it had been necessary. Thankfully it was not.

Appointment Updates: Nothing recent...but headed back to the docs next week. Keeping my fingers crossed I haven't gained too much, but at the same time trying not to overly stress about it.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to relax in the sun with my hubby after a VERY busy summer and fall (especially fun knowing it was snowing for the first time this year back home in Boston.) The babymoon was a nice reprive before Baby Herndon arrives and life as we know it changes completely, but don't get me wrong, we're SUPER excited for the approaching changes that are headed our way!!!

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