Great Expectations: THE GENDER REVEAL

There was a time before getting pregnant that part of me thought I would consider being "Team Green" and wait until the birth to find out the gender of our first child, but my mind slowly changed through the waiting for Baby Herndon's conception. 

I still wanted to enjoy the surprise with Adam and make it special for the both of us as well as our family and friends, so a gender reveal party cabin weekend in Virginia seemed like the way to go and I have a wonderful friend, Lindsey, who volunteered to keep the gender secret until the party and plan how we would find out the news. My only hope was that whatever it was she planned, it would be fun in pictures.

The ultrasound tech put the gender results in the envelope pictured below and I mailed it directly to Lindsey. She called me once she received it and even opened it on the phone, but she made sure not to give any hints that could give the results away and she went to work planning the big reveal.

What did she decide to do for the gender reveal?
Build a rattle pinata in our nursery colors...that's right, she MADE this pinata from scratch for the reveal! She is one crafty friend!
She hung it from the trees and there were enough strings attached for everyone present to pull and reveal the pink or blue goodies that waited to fall inside.
Saturday afternoon we were all ready and excited for the reveal!!! 
(especially our parents, Peanut's grandparents!)

Adam and I were the first in place...
...followed by the rest of the crowd!
 On cue, we were all told to pull...
and pull we did...
 pretty hard...we were extremely excited to see the color of the contents inside...
you would pull hard
 BUT we continued to pull...and within seconds we saw IT...
 Something BLUE!!!
Adam had been right all along...

Baby Herndon is a BOY!

Adam's theory was that the baby must be a boy because all the first sons in his family had had boys and therefore he would have a boy as well.
  There were many hugs, smiles and cheers...
...followed by much excitement as we all celebrated together!
Even the kiddos got in on the fun checking out all the balloons, ribbons and fuzzy puffs of blue.
The reveal was so exciting and was everything I could have hoped. 
I am so thankful we had so many friends and family with us for the big moment.
Thanks Lindsey for making the reveal a reality and Darren for capturing the moment on film.
We are so glad you ALL were able to come to cabin weekend and share in such a special time with us.
It was TOTALLY worth the wait!

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