It's official...I found out this morning that I passed my National Board Certification for teaching! 
I'm so thrilled!

You may remember I began pursuing my certification about a year and a half ago and it involved to a portfolio which was a complication of essays and videos reflecting on different aspects of my teaching and life as an educator. Then I had to take a three hour essay exam that tested Second Language Acquisition theory and pedagogy and teaching practice. Well the road was a little longer than I had hoped because I missed passing last November by 2 points...it KILLED me...but at the same time it was a lesson in perseverance and I redid a section on the exam last spring hoping to regain the points I needed and I SUCCEEDED!! 

When I opened my score report this morning the first thing it read was...
"Congratulation on becoming a National Board Certified Teacher." 

Thanks to everyone who supported me and encouraged me along the way. It feels good to have attained that goal and add this distinction to my resume.


Courtney said...

whoooo hooo! Great Job Jess! Knew you could do it!

Haley Gage Clark said...

whoooo hooo! Great Job Jess! Knew you could do it

Courtney said...

Hahaha! I must have left my blogger account up at Haley's house...but still, all from me, yaaaaay! Congrats!!!

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