Great Expectations: 30 weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks

Fruit Size Comparison: Cucumber 

Weight/ Clothes: I have spent this week trying to eat healthy per my midwives suggestion since I'm no longer on vacation and the holidays are coming up. I'm also drinking as much water as possible to help with my water retention, but sadly it goes right through me. How do people build up to drinking tons of water daily.  I have always found this to be a challenge and now there's a baby on my bladder to top things off. Thankfully the swelling has improved.

On the clothing front, this was my first week working as a substitute teacher and needing to wear business casual clothing. I signed up to sub back in October, but my availability was a challenge because of my trips to Virginia and the Babymoon. This week, I was finally able to say yes to subbing and I actually subbed two days.  I've actually been wearing leggings and some of my non-maternity sweater dresses for work. They've fit the bill. I realized I don't really have dress pants that currently fit and I mainly invested in jeans since that's what I've lived in these past 7 months, so we'll see if I can continue to make things work or if I'll need to pick up a pair of black maternity dress pants. It's also now cold out, so my maternity coat is crucial. 

Cravings: Nothing new was craved this week...I wonder if I will ever have a moment when I really want some strange combination of foods...only 11 more weeks to go, so we'll see.

Movement: Baby Herndon likes to move around first thing in the morning and then even more so at night. The kicks aren't the same as they were in October when they were more like sharp kicks. Now the movement feels more like big waves and I can see the whole bump move and shift around.

Symptoms: Sleeping is becoming more of a challenge between my heartburn and the pain in my ribcage, which actually wakes me up throughout the night and then I'm in a new season of getting comfortable with my pillows and my snoogle. 

Mental State: Subbing this week has me missing work but just a little. I'm trying to enjoy the down time that I have here and there because I know things will be VERY busy and different once Baby Herndon is here. I'm sure missing work is also related to passing my certification while not working at my school where I was so supported throughout the process. I know this certification will be handy when I'm ready to head back to work since it's good for 10 years and I'm sure I'll be back at school within that timeframe.

Appointment Updates: Now that my appointments have reached the every two weeks stage, I'm headed back to centering the week following Thanksgiving. No updates since my last appointment otherwise.

 Best Moment of the Week: I found out on Saturday that I passed my National Board Teaching Certification and while this may not seem related to my pregnancy, it was a process that I began while "waiting" to get pregnant. I didn't expect the wait to get pregnant to be as long as it was, so about 7 months into the trying and waiting I figured pursuing my National Board Teaching Certification would be a welcomed distraction and it could provide additional financial incentives that would come in handy when we finally did get pregnant and then have a baby.

This photo is from our Youth Group Turkey Bowl that also occurred this week.

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