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I've been meaning to post a tour of our new digs since we finished getting settled in (which has been quite a few months now thanks to my parents and the Herndon's help), but life has been busy and I'm just now finally getting around to blogging about it and posting photos. 
I figured this was a good time to post a tour as well because the house is decorated for Christmas and my mom has asked to see pictures, so why not give the tour now. 

Here we go...welcome to our new home in Boston.
When you walk in the front door, you enter into our dining room and living room which have an open concept.
When we moved from Chesapeake, we knew we wouldn't have space for my nana's dining room set, which I so enjoyed while we lived there, so it went into storage at Brad's store and we picked up some new furniture at Ikea soon after arriving in Boston and completing the painting of the apartment. Speaking of paint, we went shade darker in our new place than our last with a color I describe as almost a Belgian hot chocolate whereas our Chesapeake color was more of a milky cappuccino color. With all the windows and light, the darker hue is really lovely and warmed up the whole space while making it really feel like home. I am so thankful we were able to paint!
We sold a few of our oversized living room pieces from our previous decor and then scouted out what we wanted in our new place. With our new furniture additions in the dining and living room, we went with a much darker brown wood that also has a bit more of a contemporary feel rather than the cherry finishes we've been drawn to in the past. The new dining table is also dark brown under my holiday table cloth. I'm loving the new pieces because they still store and display everything beautifully while be more suitable to the space.

The dining room is open to the living room and thankfully our red couches made it into the apartment. This was quite a saga because our couch is oversized and didn't fit on the elevator and almost didn't make it up the stairs. I was SO thankful it scraped by (literally...there were red lines left on the hall wall where it just squeaked by!)
Hi Samson...he likes our new place too! He's still adjusting to walking across the street three times a day to Boston Common, which is our new front yard, but he LOVES being in the apartment.
You may have noticed our bare living room wall...this is because I plan to print and hang some large photos of our new city once I capture a few that I love, but this project is still a work in progress.

The kitchen is behind you when you walk into the apartment and continues the whole open concept, looking our into the dining and living rooms. 
Thanks to Brad's Appliance Enterprise hook up, we were also able to bring up some new kitchen appliances to update the ones that had been in the apartment since it was built about 15 years ago.
The kitchen is a nice size with plenty of cabinet space and a great view of Boston Common. 
(All the windows in this part of the house look out on the Common actually. The view is AMAZING!)
Down the front hall are our two bedrooms, the bathroom, Samson's area and the back door which leads out to our laundry room.  
 Samson's area
 The bathroom 
(excuse the lighting...there isn't much natural light in the bathroom or hall of the house.)
The commercial toilet is pretty laughable but understandable since the apartment is part of the church.
 Last on the tour is the two bedrooms.
Our bedroom has a really spacious closet that Adam and his dad spiffed up with GREAT closet organization! (The closet served as a bedroom to the youngest child of the two families that have lived here prior to us...both families had three kids, which I could see being a bit tight in a two bedroom.)
I also LOVE the tray ceilings in our bedroom and the rooms a little bigger than our last bedroom, so our bedroom set is a much better fit.
The nursery is almost complete and will have its own post once it's all finished, but here's a sneak peak of my favorite corner in the meantime. It's turning out REALLY cute if I do say so.
We've been asked how we like living in the church, and I will say it's been WONDERFUL!
We are SO centrally located right in Beacon Hill on Boston Common. We could not live in a more picturesque part of town. Adam's commute is awesome...he just walks to his office which is one floor below our place (and his office is where our home office furniture found a home...I'll have to take and add a few of those photos too.) He says work feels pretty separate from home. We have some storage space for Christmas decorations, suitcases and such in the basement, which is nice too. Most people don't even realize there are residences in the building, so we don't get many unknown knocks on our door and I love having Adam so close by. I'm sure this will be really nice when the baby arrives too.
We feel so blessed to be in this new home and are excited about all the memories that will be made here!


Haley Gage Clark said...


JP said...

beautifully decorated! i especially like the dining room table and the buffet!

JP said...

ps. that was from Mary, not JP, haha.

Darren and Lindsey Dean said...

Oh my gosh!! I love your whole place! Can't wait to come see it :)

Gerry said...

I agree with JP, or is it Mary? Mary. :D Haha. I love how you picked your furnishings. They’re all so classy and warm at the same time! The lighting in every room’s perfect too!

- Gerry Bossier -

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