Great Expectations: 29 weeks

How Far Along: 29 weeks

(Black dress is back next's tough to keep up with that one when I'm traveling because I want the background to be the same. It is fun to see more significant change though a few weeks apart!)

Fruit Size Comparison: acorn squash 

Weight/ Clothes: I gained a bit more this month than my doctor would have liked...she even asked if I'd been on vacation...HOW DID SHE KNOW!?! haha! Some of the weight though I'm wondering if it is possibly water retention from all the travel and extra salty food. I weighed myself a couple more days out from our trip and my doc's appointment and according to my scale I had lost half of what I had gained. I won't know how reliable this is though until I head back to the docs the week following Thanksgiving, so we'll see.

I'm amazed by how many dressy functions I've had to attend lately. Has this been my norm prior to becoming pregnant? Hummm...well this week's was my sorority big sister Liz's wedding in Savannah, GA. I wore my go to dressy dress, but as I'm getting rounder and have entered the third trimester it DEFINITELY is showing the difference a few weeks of pregnancy have made!

Upon returning home from our babymoon, it has also begun to feel like winter around these parts, so I've busted out the couple maternity sweaters I have. I'm feeling cute and warm in them for sure. I've also started wearing my newly fitted winter maternity coat (thanks mom for the alterations!). My friend Laura gave me the coat since she doesn't plan on having any more kiddos (thanks Laura for helping me stay warm in the Boston cold!)

Cravings: Cereal lately (Who would have guessed this would become a craving?! No one I'm sure...much sarcasm included since everyone knows cereal is one of my FAVORITE foods!)

Gender: Adam and I contemplated this week if we should start using the baby's name since we think we've settled on one and no we are still not will remain a secret...which is part of our hesitation in using it between the two of us because then we might more easily slip up and use it around someone else. I'm sure our parents would encourage us to start using it then for that very reason. (My mom has also just gotten her own embroidery sewing machine and she's begun practicing the monograms of other friends' kids in preparation for when she finally does know Peanut name. Too cute and southern...I LOVE IT!)

Movement: Still moving and shaking and watching the bump ripple and roll around. Peanut is tending to sit much higher these days as if his whole body has migrated up into my rib cage and lungs...not an easy space to share when I'm trying to breath and keep us both oxygenated. 

Symptoms: I was super uncomfortable on the flight back from Liz's wedding. There just wasn't much room and the baby kept climbing up into my lungs. It made for a couple VERY uncomfortable hours plus my legs and ankles were super swollen. BOO!

Swelling in my ankles and feet continues, but I've been drinking a TON of water to try and help with the water retention. I've been feeling much less swollen the latter part of the week.

Heartburn continues...stinging pain...NOT FUN!

Mental State: I REALLY want to finish up the nursery! Adam's project lately has been hanging the curtains, which hasn't been an easy task because of how the windows are recessed. Then we can hang the art we have acquired so far. I still need to find a couple book shelves to hang and hold actual books and then I'm hoping to hang a few black and white maternity photos.

Speaking of maternity's so crazy to have done them for so many friends and then need them myself, but I talked to a friend at church this week who is big into photography up here about doing our maternity photos around Boston Common and Beacon Hill and she was totally game. Hopefully we can schedule sometime soon after Thanksgiving so that they can double with our yearly Christmas card photos too. I'm thinking that timing should be good too because I won't be too uncomfortable just yet. It would be the time frame I usually have advised friends in the past, so I guess it's good to take my own advice too.

Appointment Updates: Had my appointment this week and I will be starting to see my midwife every 2 weeks now. This week we discussed birthing classes further and I'm working on finalizing our sign up for a class in December/ early January. We also discussed my hope to have a drug free birth plan, but I was bummed to find out that a sciatic block doesn't seem to be an option that is used at my practice or hospital where I'll be delivering. (Have I mentioned that the Brigham is the number one women's hospital in the country...pretty cool!) My midwife said the longer I can labor at home, the more likely I'll be to have a natural birth.

I also asked about my stinging pain, which I still think is related to heartburn, but she wasn't positive and said it could also be muscular and my ribs are probably spreading some too, but just in case we'll be starting dips for protein at my next check up just to keep a closer eye out for preclampsia.

We also discussed circumcision at this appointment, which I've done a fair share of research on both sides of the debate...but based on a couple Jewish heritage and the suggestion that the baby look like his father growing up...has lead us to decide in favor of circumcision. I can see and respect both sides of the debate, but those are our reasons for the decision.

Best Moment of the Week: Being at Liz's nuptials and one of my other sorority sisters looks at me as we're walking out of the ceremony and exclaims..."WHAT IS THAT?!" In reference to the bump I'm which I respond..."A baby boy." The moment was too cute and funny!

This picture shows three generations of my sorority big sister Liz and Liz's  big sister, my grandbig Amanda and me, the little...with a little little on the way...although not really because he's a boy and won't be joining a sorority!

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