Great Expectations: 26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks
(I miss my husband photographer who does a lovely job documenting the bump each week...can't wait to get back to Boston and my black dress photos. There'll be A LOT of change from 3 weeks ago!)

Fruit Size Comparison: Lettuce 

Weight/ Clothes: I kept an eye on the scale while I was in Virginia and thankfully I maintained my weight the entire visit.

On the clothing front, I finally went bra shopping...I got a few new bras at the outlets in Williamsburg and I could not believe the size I was told to buy when I got measured...but low and behold the sales girl was right...I've gone up 3 SIZES!! Sorry if it's TMI but I'm now a DD!! WOWZA!

Cravings: Pancakes...Mom, or should I say nana, made delicious pancakes one morning and I could not get enough later in the week. I thought about making pancakes for lunch one day, but I couldn't find the pancake mix. Then on Monday, Mom and I took my car in for new tires and grabbed pancakes for late breakfast/ early lunch. These were delicious whole wheat and banana pancakes...YUMMY! Before leaving for DC and my eventual trip home, I had one more request for my have pancakes one last time before getting on the road and oblige her pregnant daughter she did.

Gender: Now that we know Peanut is a BOY...He's a HE...there's been an influx of boy goodies, especially adorable boy clothes! 

Movement: This week I SAW the baby move. It was pretty crazy to see the bump move and ripple around. It is also pretty fun FEELING Peanut move on a regular basis now.

Symptoms: I felt lucky to have had so much energy lately. I was able to do both an engagement shoot and bridal shoot over the weekend while in Virginia for weddings I have coming up in 2013. I couldn't get into some of the normal positions I've been known to take in the past for lack of abdominal control, but I was still quite pleased with the portraits.

Otherwise it's just my friend heartburn...can't complain though since it seems pretty simple in the grand scheme of pregnancy.

Mental State: I got to meet Baby Beckett this week. He is such a sweet baby and I am so excited for my friends Ashley and Josh and this new season in their lives as parents. Even more than my excitement for them, is the excitement it brought to me as I look forward to our own embarkment on parenthood. I can't wait for the arrival of our son!!!

I also got to visit my nana this week and tell her that we were expecting her first great grandSON. She was thrilled and kept asking me if we had a name which mom and I kept telling her we weren't sure of it just yet. I can't wait for her to meet him when I'm in Virginia for a visit in March.

I caught up with a number of friends while visiting between lunches, coffees, and dinner club. I even had the chance to attend church at Atlantic Shores Sunday while in town. It was great to see everyone, especially our friends many of which were ministry volunteers and our former students. The senior pastor noticed I was there and made a point to say hello and ask how things were going to which I said quite well PRAISE GOD!! and I mean it in all seriousness...PRAISE GOD for HIS plans and how well things have been going!!! It was then announced at the end of the service that I was there and "with child" least no one will wonder why I moved to Boston and gained a bunch of weight right!? I was flattered though.

Appointment Updates: Nothing to report since I won't see the doctor again until after our babymoon. I'm hopeful my next sugar test will go well when I get home...the test is scheduled for next week...right around Halloween, an easy way to remember. 

Best Moment of the Week: Peanut's Baby Shower at Grandma Robin's!! I was so grateful to have an opportunity to celebrate with so many of my friends from church and school who have been praying and walking through this journey with us these past two years as well as Adam's side of the family. (A whole shower post to come.) We got pretty much all the finishing touches for the nursery! I can't wait to post pictures when the nursery is all put together. There's sure to be a whole post on the decor for sure.  We also received lots of useful goodies since you seem to need so much when you're having your first child and many wonderful BOOKS! Thank you to everyone who was able to come and celebrate Peanut! He is SOOOO loved already!

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